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I started Soooo Lame as a local platform for artists of all types. I want it to be a place for the misfits to feel comfortable showing their work and speak to other underground type artists. A magazine that welcomes any artist that produces visual art, each issue has a general theme to have all the art be consistent but also allows the artists to have freedom to give their own definition of whatever the theme is. What drove this idea to be a reality was the love of the zine culture and how much a community it is. Then my love and passion for not only art but for print as well. As a design I love having a tangible final piece of design in hand. The physical experience of looking through each page, touching, and seeing all the fresh new art you won't see anywhere else. Also, as a designer I wish to design and print magazines similar to this so in the spirit of D.I.Y I did in fact choose to do it all myself and see what happens. I truly enjoy laying out how everything will flow and then translating that in a physical booklet to print and then distribute. As the zine continues to grow I've had a lot of appreciation for it and I hope to continue to adapt and push it to bigger heights.

As of 2023 Soooo Lame is looking for submissions for our 4th issue. In this issue we are looking for space themed art. We accept any visual art such as; painting, sculpture, and more. All that is needed is an image of the work with details of who you are or how you would to be referred to and any other information you would like to add. Please send high resolution images to us at 

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INSTAGRAM: @soooo_lamezine

FACEBOOK: Soooo Lame Zine

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